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What is Artaxy?

Artaxy is the online platform dedicated to artists, location owners and art lovers. Promotes the dissemination of art in real life, combining the essential elements for the creation of real art exhibitions. Artaxy is the new way to rediscover your territory through the enhancement of local artists and the direct experience of art. Artaxy makes the works of art more and more dynamic and mobile over time, protecting the artistic heritage.

Why it is important?

Beauty must be rediscovered, especially if it is authentic. In fact, there are thousands of artists who produce incredible works of art but only a few know. We believe that through Artaxy a new inclusive and dynamic network can be born, able to combine the expressive potential of art with the need to enhance the locations that are the setting for our life. The integration of art into everyday life is a serious matter, so our service is based on the principles of transparency and digital security.
Artaxy promotes a type of innovation capable of enhancing all the actors involved, none excluded.

Expo at Department of Engineering and Information Science (DISI), Trento